Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Crafty Moments

I just love fall.  The gorgeous colors of reds, golds etc.  This is the longerberger basked that I have in my bathroom.  I finally felt like getting the spring/summer flowers out and get the fall stuff in.  I try to change it seasonaly but the way I have felt the past 4 months I didn't do spring/summer.  Hubby did it.  You wouldn't really want to see the mess he made.  His idea of arranging is to grab a bunch and plop it into the basket.  Or throw it into the baset one or the other not sure which he chose but it was aweful.  And, even though it was terrible I didn't have a energy or interest to fix it so it stayed that way until today.

I have two metal baskets in my bathroom on either side of the medicine cabinet.  The other wouldn't photo well so I only have a picture of one.  They are using the same colors as the basket is which is in the bathroom as well.  My bathroom is very light with paneling that looks like faded wallpaper ( I hate to paint) so the colors really pop in there.  Next trick is to get pointsettas for the christmas season.  But January is to early to put tulips back in the bathroom so I think I will find things like bare twigs etc to replace the poinsetta.s after new years.

I am still working on salvaging some linen material from the free cycle gifts I got I have two done now and one more to go.  Then I can use the material for something but I think I will dye it first.  Yeah I know but I will get to dyeing something today for sure.  I did say that yesterday but never got around to it since I kept working on taking the stitches out of the linen.  The lady that did that stitches.  Stitched over one on the linen.  It is a pain to take out, I have to go very slow as not to ruin any of the threads in the fabric.