Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Blah

It's a blah Monday to be sure woke up to snow it was on the ground not it's only on the roof of the neighbors house.  My arthritis is hurting even after the pill.  I am being tested for rheumatoid arthritis last week I had to go twice to the lab and get a lot of blood taken.  1st time it was 7 vials of blood and my vein stopped so the girl had to take that out and try my left arm for a vein.  My veins are terrible so she ended up using my hand for a vein and may was that sore.  She used a butterfly needle so it wasn't as bad as a large one.  This Saturday I see the neurologist again to see what her blood work tells her.  I'm still having jerking issues so I will probably have a sleep study now.  I hope not.

The COPD is ok as long as I don't do much that is really strenuous.  I can walk about a half a block before I start puffing if I walk slow.  But at least I try to walk when the weather is good and in the stores when I go so I get some exercise.  The somewhat good news is that I have lost 6 lbs so far following the low carb protein diet.  I make my own protein shakes and bars.  They are really good too.

I have been stitching some as well.  I have pulled out my kustom krafts sals that I was working on and started to put some stitches into Raja.  I lost my symbol chart for the nap time dragon so I need to find that or have someone email me one that was doing the sal before I can start to put anymore stitches into that.  Of course I have been working on the leprechaun stitch, the Quaker Christmas, and Mary Wigham pieces.  Little by little I can see some progress.  Now if my mind would just cooperate with me and let me out of this gloomy fog I'm in.  I would be grateful.  I have progressed to tears for no reason at all.  I really hate this when it hits.  I'm taking my medicines for the depression doesn't seem to be working as well as it should be.  I was hoping its just this gloomy cold snowy weather but not so sure about it.  Well thats it for today perhaps more news later and hopefully I'll be a bit perkier.  Have a wonderful week everyone.