Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm Back in a way

Well hubby had the valve replacement down in Ann Arbor as no one here in or around Lansing would touch the operation because it was such a difficult operation with the bad valve,  During the surgery the valve broke up and the surgeon attempted to get all of if before if got into the blood stream.  As hard as he tried he missed some and Art woke up from the surgery the next day with a stroke.  We were in Ann Arbor for a month while they treated his blood thinning, his bleeding issues and the stroke issue.  He was finally released to come back to Lansing to Sparrow hospital for inpatient acute rehab.  We were back one day and he had another stroke because of his blood being to thin and caused him to bleed in the brain where the original stroke occurred because it didn't have enough time to heal.  So he spend another month at Sparrow recuperating and then developed breathing issues and wound up in Intensive Care in a medicine induced coma so that he could be put on a ventilator to allow his lungs to rest.  At that point we found out he had pneumonia.  So they found out that his left lung was giving him trouble and the problem was fixable once they  got him over the pneumonia.  I made the decision to put him on a trak and use the ventilator.  He started to recover from the pneumonia and from the left lung issue and was transferred to a specialty hospital here in Lansing who deals with patients on ventilators and weans them off and they also have rehab since most of the individuals in that hospital had strokes so that is why they were on the ventilator.  So now we are approaching the third month that he has been in a hospital of some sort.  I am getting tired of it as they seem to be over sedating him cause he has become anxious and really needs to come home.  But the trac is still open and it has to be closed before he comes home.  I have expressed my dissatisfaction to the doctors and have decided that as soon as its healed he will come home.  I will take him the .5 mile to the hospital for outpatient rehab or whatever he needs.  I am making the house wheel chair accessible and making a bed room out of the alcove in the dining room.  Who needs a dining room anyway LOL.
So that has been my life the past three months.  I spend days at the hospital with him trying to help reduce his anxiety issues etc.  I am tired of hospitals and I think Art will be much better once he gets home in familiar surroundings.
I have also been crocheting and made two shawls which i have given to ladies one in the hospital in Ann Arbor and one in the speciality hospital where Art is now.  Im working on a third one that is broom stick lace.  I am working on a counted cross stitch piece for halloween a small Lizzie Kate one. My right arm will not let me do large stitching projects anymore since arthritis has settled into the elbow and the torn tendon has never been fixed since I do not have any insurance.