Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, August 27, 2012

Acquaintances, Friends where are you.

Why is it that when something traumatic happens everyone tells you if  you need anything anything at all just let us/me know.  As some of you know my husband had major heart surgery in April followed by a stroke.  He had the stroke during the surgery but it wasn't discovered until the next day when he woke up.
After a month in the University of Michigan Hospital he got transferred to a hospital near  home and the first day that he was there he had a second stroke.

He was in the hospital for 3.5 closer to 4 months before I challenged the  hospital doctors about bringing him home.  I had enough of hospitals.  Art (hubby) had the 2nd stroke, then almost died from pneumonia because he was aspirating his food into his lungs thus causing bacteria and pneumonia.

So when he was ready to come home.  I called my "friends" one of them was my next door neighbor, to build a ramp at my driveway side door to get Art home in his wheel chair.  Everyone was way to busy to help.  I finally got a "friend" to build a porch and a very short ramp up to the side door but no railings. One day before Art was released to come home.  Nice Huh?

Now I need a ramp built up to the main part of the house from the living room that is four steps down from the kitchen, bath etc.  Of course a rental ramp doesnt fit the dimensions where the stairs are.  So one is going to have to be built.  You guessed it my friends are to busy to help again.  So onward to Angies list to see if I can find a handy man who can make me a ramp that i can move when we dont need it or one that fits the dimensions of the space and steps so that we can access the basement stairs which is right off that stair area.

Its going to cost me a bit of money I am sure.  Something I just have to be careful of since we are renting all th e hospital equipment that Art needs.  Plus oxygen tanks  Wish me well and dont depend on friends unless  you have better ones than I do.