Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall and End of September

I know I lost spring and most of summer with Art being in the hospitals and all.  But where is the time going.  Its flown by in a few days it will be October and just this week its the first day of fall.

We are having fall temps for sure right now.  Some frost warnings have been issued as well.  Our 30th Anniversary was the 9th of September and we had the air on.  Go figure.

Alex is doing very well with the online school program this year.  Last year was the year from H#ll but this year he is focused and working good.  I am very amazed at how things are flowing.

Art is having some bad nights again.  He wont sleep and keeps calling and yelling waking up everyone.  Its got to be the stroke but how do you stop it.  I have to contact his case manager about him starting PT and OT.  Perhaps that will settle him down at night if they can wear him out.

HIs letter has arrived and now i can start the process of getting him in there.

Me?  Im tired I am teaching Alex of course and taking care of Art.  I am also trying to stitch for a halloween exchange I am in and work on an afghan for our oldest one who just bought his first house in D.C.  Its a dark grey tweed.  Very nice for a man I think and it should go with any colors.

Alex's 10 year old ferret died late yesterday and so guess what.  Thats right we have a new 4 month old baby ferret named snickers.  He is rather cute.

I have made several no sew fleece blankets lately.  I think I will take some pictures of them and place them here.  I wonder if there would be a market for people to buy them if I made a bunch up after all winter and Christmas is coming.
Ok break over time to get back to school and we have composition.