Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday and its October

This is much to much already.  We are  having the glum days of a Michigan fall.  Hardly any sun for the past 5 days.  You wake to sun and then the clouds move in.  Canada is also sharing their cool/cold weather with us.  I like Canada and have visited it several times in my life but you think that they could remember to close the back door.  I am not ready for the glum and gloom of a Michigan fall and winter.

We had such a sunny summer albeit a very dry one.  63% of our apply crop was destroyed by the drought (which is still going on)  We are not getting much rain at all.  If the winter is as snow-less as last year we will be starting next spring with yet another drought or would it be the same one.  I'm not sure just how that works.

Because of the drought we are not having a very good colorful fall.  Lots of trees leaves are just plain brown.  Some have got their golds, yellows and a few reds.  These are mostly the maples.  The rest are just plain ugly looking.  Our golden maple (was always bright gold in the fall) had to be cut down.  The drought killed it.  It had some awful looking black spots.  Huge black spots the tree guys said because of the drought and not enough water.  When they cut it down the inside of the tree was very very dry.

I am working on some stitching and some crocheting.  Have a fall/Halloween exchange to finish up and get in the mail for a girl in the stitching group that I belong to.  Aw crap the furnace just kicked on.  I really hope that we have a mild winter as I have lots of doctor bills to pay and I have to pay for every time Art goes to physical therapy.  $35.00 dollars each time and he needs physical and occupational therapy.  They really get you where they want you.  If you really need something to improve they really sock it to you on the charges. Sometimes I wonder about insurance and how bad it really is.  Perhaps it is time for complete reform of the insurance industry much as it is for the oil industries.

Well pictures will follow soon.  I have made three of those fleece no sew blankets for the family and one for me.  I think 15 needs one as well.  I wish I could sell them cause Christmas is looking like it might be pretty bleak.  Well we are still together all of us maybe not as we once were but we are still together as a family and thats the most important thing.