Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yesterday and today have been the two worst days in my life.  Art, hubby, was taken back to the hospital for evaluation because he was not responsive to his home health care RN.  He called Arts primary physician and the doctor decided he needed to be seen another trip by local fire ambulance to the ER.  

Today I found out that arts ulcer is perforated and there is not a chance of him recovering from it.  So I placed him in palliative care.  Otherwise known as Comfort care and then Hospice.  He will get a nasty infection from the perforated ulcer.  His pneumonia has not gotten better either. 
 He lost his ability to stand and move around as he has become weaker since he had in home therapy.  

Daughter and myself could not take care of him anymore as he is total care and we cannot lift and move him without any help.  So he will be taken care of until he moves on out of this life.

Oldest kid is coming in tomorrow from Washington D.C.  to spend some time with him while he can.  Hopefully he will be awake enough for the kids to be with him one more time.

Until next time...........