Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 weeks

Has it been two weeks already.  Seems like it just happened.  I have had one call from the brother-in-law to see how we are doing.  What am I going to say but fine.  Does he think I will tell him if anything is wrong or be a mooch now that I'm alone.  I have to give back my hubby's Social Security Check as he died on the 31st not the 1st.  If he had died on the first I would have gotten to keep the check.  Just my luck.  You would think that my luck would start to improve but not yet. 

Of course I'm down but am trying to keep busy.  I work with Alex during the day with his virtual classes and his work.  He is doing wonderful with this type of school though.  I wish i had found it sooner.

Now money is a worry for now.  I'm not sure if i will get survivor benefits.  I get the 255 burial expense check like that will pay for anything.  i had to pay over $1000 for taking care of him.  I borrowed money and used the last of the savings up on that.

I will not have enough to pay bills this month and I wonder just when they will decide that I get benefits off of  hubby's SS or not.  I need some luck change here  On a brighter note I payed the last payment of the van.  It is paid off and will be free and clear as long as it stays running.

I finished my X stitch ornament for the exchange I am in.  And starting another one that is thread and beads.  Looks easy enough.

so that's my day