Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wake was yesterday

Its been a month now since he has been  gone.  I had people over yesterday for a wake or memorial whatever you want to call it.  Two kinds of bite size bite size snacky things for people to munch on when they were having some wine, pop.  I also had some ham, cheese and rolls and my very favorite thing port wine cheese balls.

I bought several kinds of red wine but people didnt drink much of it at all.  I drank my bottle of white late season riesling.  It was good and sweet not ice wine but deffinately late harvest.  I have a bottle of winter white bottled by a northern michigan winery.  Art and I use to go there at least once a year and buy some wine

I need to pick up some cream de cocoa and a small bottle of Grand Marnier.  I will toast Art on Christmas eve with his favorite the Grand Marnier.  I am having spelling issues with the drinks and the snacks names to hopefully you will know what I mean.

I will never get over missing him.  It was nice to have a house ful of people yesterday and the talking and just having someone around.  I dont have any friends cause Art took all my time up.  I wanted a large family but was denied that as well.  I have issues in preceiving that I will be alone for a long time,  I so need him in my life.,

I go to grief counseling next week again.  I need to get started on the cookies as well.  Im probably going to have issues for a long time.  I so miss him.  He was my friend, the love of my life, he was the center of my universe.