Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maybe Just Maybe Mircles Do Happen

I'm not to sure of all this however it is possible I found some good still in this world and maybe just maybe miracles do happen.  We will see in the next few days but until I am certain I will not expand on it further.

I have been posting more and more of my fabric stash for cross stitching on ebay under my ebay ID of lite48.  Soon I will be posting threads DMC and speciality as well as patterns and perhaps some pattern books.  I have to downsize to make sure that when we move, its not if anymore but when, we have downsized as much as possible for storing is going to be an issue eventually.  So lots of my craft stash is going to have to go.  I will try to hang on to my yarns and my jewelry making stuff as much as I can.  I still hope to get Pretties by Penny into a working business.  Stress has been taking its toll however and things are not getting made.

I need to find a place to go and stay something i know that is ours and no one can take it away or threaten to again.  I have learned some hard lessons these past 9 months and yes I have learned from them.  I will from here on out only count on myself.  I will stand on my own two feet and never ever fall into this trap again.   I will make sure that i will never have to ask for help again.  I want to be in the position to help though as I know how it is not to have much help to fall back on.  I will become my own person and I will grow stronger with each passing day.