Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wrong>>>>>>Mircles do not happen.

As I write this, I sit and wonder what I have ever done to end up with so much adversity and opposition.  I was turned down for two places to live yesterday because of my autistic grandson's animals.  Now mind you our cats never are allowed out of their homes.  We are going to downsize to 2 cats from 4 one is too old to move and he hides a lot and doesn't like people.  We are going to put him to sleep instead of trying to move him because at 14 years of age he wont get adopted and he wont settle in anywhere else.  this has been is only home that he has known and he has lots of genuine quirks.  Our Himalayan cat fuzzy is personable enough that he will most likely be adopted or fostered out.  He's a talker and loves to be petted etc.

The two ferrets are in a large cage.  Our dogs are never allowed to roam and are always in our enclosed back yard or walked on a leash.  Our 14 year old Jack Russell that was my husbands dog is to old to give away and I will not put him in the pound.  Grandson's dog is 8 now and very attached and in tune with grandson as his mittens his cat.  The ferrets know when its time for him to play with them and they wake up and await his taking them out of the cage to run in an enclosed playpen and play with them.  Again they are soothing to him.  I have had to deal with 2 major meltdowns in the past two weeks due to facing no where to go because of animals or money.  Money = to much for help and not enough for a nice place to live.  Credit is shot due to loosing two jobs in 2008 and again in 2010 and not being able to find another job due to health restrictions.  Now on SS disability at 61 years of age.  My daughter is disabled and grandson is autistic as i already stated.

I am beind in mortgage payments since last March as I lost my husband last year and his income as well.  Social security will not give me any of his money as I had more wages in our working years than he made so I am stuck with that.  I am trying to file bankruptcy as a last resort to attempt to become solvent and on my feet again.  But thats expensive and i have to make payments before I can do that.

The mortgage company says I am not on the loan.  However, I am on the deed and the mortgage as I have copies of both.    This Ocwen Loan Servicing company has now placed insurance on the structure for double the cost of what the so called loan is for.  They refuse to acknowledge me and continue to claim that this is the estate of my husband.  I have been turned down for loan modifications since they claim I am not on the loan.  They refuse to allow me to assume the loan either.  I had help to get the mortgage straightened out and money to pay up the back amount only to loose all help when Ocwen refused to help me.  Now all the agencies that were going to help have shut down my case.

I am already filing complaints against Ocwen Loan Servicing with all agencies that I can up to and including emailing the President, Michigan and Federal Senators and Congressmen so far no one can help me.  I am broke due to my husbands illness and everything he needed to take care of him prior to his death.  I brought him home and I did the best I could to take care of him until the week before he died and I had to place him in hospice at the local hospital and then at the Hospice House.

I have a letter from my grandsons Peds (cant spell the whole word) doctor stating that the animals are considered service animals and what they do for him.  The place we went to yesterday never even looked at the letter and the place was a real dump to begin with.  It was worse than anything I had been subjected to in the past actually.  It had been fumigated and still had bugs it was totally ruined inside especially the kitchen and the third bedroom was so small you couldn't get a twin size bed in it.  Bathroom was ruined as well.  No air and completely metal sided.  Course window air conditioners are an option but the windows were very old aluminum ones and the screens were duck taped.  It did have potential with lots of fixing up but the size was the issue...

So now what am I going to do and where am I going to go.  No amount of prayers or well wishes or anything is making a difference or helping.