Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Down Sizing isn't Easy

We have just about got the basement cleaned out and stuff we are going to keep separated from stuff we are going to keep.  Storage will be in short supply so we need to be really selective about what we are going to keep and store or what we need to keep.  Its so hard to do this much more so than I had imagined that it wold be. 

I have sorted through much of my cross stitch stuff and put it up on ebay for sale.  I have a ton of pattern books and not sure how I am going to sell them.  I have a bunch of threads etc to get rid of as well.  More material was found in yet another box so that has been measured and will be placed in bundles for sale as well.

Some of the things we are keeping but not using are being packed away now too.  My fat chef pictures and stuff for the kitchen is in a box and lots of the knick knacks that I cant bear to part with but will place in a box.  We have more boxes coming next week with lids and bubble wrap as well.  So we are beginning the process of downsizing.

I have contacted an Estate Sale company to see if we have enough stuff to sell as an estate sale or not.  If not I guess I will have to list it on craigs list as I am not going to let it go with the house to the mortgage company that has basically screwed me over and messed up my life horribly.  Problem is that I placed things for sale on Craigs list before and nothing happened I got zero calls.  Although it did work well for the rummage sale that I placed on there the last one that we had at my Moms house.  Didn't sell much though.  Had one couple that wanted my complete white china set for less than $5.00 that I had on it.  They tried to get everything half off of what I priced it at.  Finally I stopped giving them the prices that they asked for and held firm to what I had marked them for.  They finally left after seeing I wasn't going to go down on other prices.

I will miss my train whistles.  We live about a 1/2 mile from the train tracks and quite a few times each day trains still go through town.  We are going to move far away from the tracks so I won't hear them anymore.  I don't know why I love the sound of train whistles but I have since I was a kid.  Goes right along with my love of large bridges like the Mackinaw Bridge for instance.  Blue water bridge, ambassador bridge, the international bridge at Sault Ste. Marie MI.  ETC.

Well who knows what the next few days or weeks will bring.  I cried last night as it hurts to leave this house of 27 years that Art and I remodeled and added on to.  We made it our own.  complete with making the enclosed front porch part of the house.

Well loosing him last October was rough leaving our home is going to be rough as well but maybe I need to start a new chapter of my life.  I so miss him and I always will.