Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes the world is just..................?

Sometimes the world is just filled with  unfairness, nice, mean, lazy, exciting, fair, lonely, love and lots of other things.  I suppose it all depends on the day, our mood, the people around us and our feelings.  Some days are harder than others for various reasons.  Perhaps its just the lack of sunshine on a day to make a person feel alive and free.  Maybe its the darkness of the night that gives people their fears.  What ever the reason it appears that the world is subjective and always will be.

A person perceives a day without sunshine as a dull and dreary day but that same day even without sunshine is a happy wonderful day for another.  All feelings, emotions, perceptions are all relative to the person, the place and the things that are going on in their lives.  The world keeps turning no matter what a person has, does not have, feels, or does not feel.  The day goes on even though for some they wonder why. 

Fairness in the world is in the eyes of the beholder.  Is it fair that some people suffer while others do not?  Of course its not fair and it will never be but the ones that are not suffering are not aware of the ones who are.  The ones who are suffering however, are very aware of the ones that are not.  This awareness breeds jealousy and maybe even revenge of some sort.  But more often the awareness just makes things worse for the one that is going through it.  They realize that no one understands what they are experiencing unless the others walk in their shoes.  No one reaches out to help, no one offers anything constructive that relates to what is going on.  Therefore the ones that are suffering never experience or rarely experience attention, caring about what they are going through.  Help is always far away and out of reach for most of these people.

As the world keeps spinning away, its people look to the future and hope that in the days to come maybe someone will notice and reach down a hand to help.  Not a free hand but a hand up so that the person can stand on their own in time and face the future with certainty and restored faith in their fellow men.