Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The world has stopped for people who are being affected by the shootings yesterday in the Naval Yard.  People went to work with the anticipation of returning home to an enjoyable evening with family or friends or both.  12 people were shoot and wounded or killed by an individual who appears to have been suffering from a mental defect of some kind.

The family and friends of all the victims had their world shattered in just a few brief moments.  While others were saying by the grace of God there goes I and went home but in truth they were affected just as much.  Witnesses of tragedy's are hurt just as much as the victims.  Not physically of course but affected none the less.  Places such as work, school, churches are all suppose to be safe for people.  But some take that security away from others.

What will happen in the future for all these people affected by the happenings at that naval yard.  Will they be able to return to work or will they be frightened  to do so.  What about post traumatic stress?  That does affect the soldiers for sure but doesn't it play a part in the every day individuals life as well.  Those that are subject to either being hurt in an incident or having to watch what happened to others during that horrific event.

Time is the only thing that will tell.  Shock, disbelief, fear those are powerful emotions to over come.