Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Saturday, September 14, 2013

To Whom it May Concern.......................Life

I have often thought in these past 11 months what did I do to deserve all that has gone wrong.  All I ever wanted was for my husband to recover and I fought the doctors to bring him home so that I could care for him.  I figured that he would do better at home and I was right up to a point.

I have tried to live my life the right way and tried to do the right thing.  I have donated in Arts name to hospice and hospice house that took such care of us and made blankets for the dogs at the animal control where my daughter volunteers.  What have I done to deserve all this.

On the verge of loosing my home or will be after Monday when the mortgage company is suppose to contact me regarding it.  They are still denying my being on the loan and when I challenged them on the fact that I am on the mortgage as a matter of fact my initials are all over the document they said they needed to research it. 

My van is now needing $500.00 give or take worth of repairs and I had to cancel the bankruptcy due to lack of money now that the van needs fixing.  I also had to put all my tests that the doctor wanted done back to October since I wont have any cash to pay for them after I pay for the first round of repairs to the van which is going to cost around $200.00.  Its the front end so I need to fix it asap before it breaks when we are driving it.

I just sold my kingsize wall unit headboard and the queen size bed that we shared so cheap it hurt but I had to do it to get more money.  I am selling as much of my craft stuff that people will buy to get money as well.  I can't get enough to pay up what I owe on the house but it will help pay for the van now and maybe a new laptop.  But the van is first and this computer is awful its slow it hangs up it freezes.  When I type i have to wait for the words to catch up to what i am typing its that bad.

I have shawls up for sale but so far not one nibble.  I am about to give up on making jewelry no one wants to purchase it.  Why is everything I try so hard for me? 

I am trying to find a lawyer to help me with Ocwen since the legal aid won't help.  You take a lawyers advice about filing for bankruptcy only to have that lawyer and the legal aid department of Michigan close your case.  Now who do you belief.  The financial center says I need to work with my lawyer but I don't have a lawyer.  They were the ones that referred my case to legal aid in the first place.  I wrote them a rather terse email the other night telling them for a third time that I don't have legal help with the mortgage.  The bankruptcy lawyer certainly isn't going to help with it as I can't afford to pay him for it and he won't help me if I don't.