Grand Haven Lighthouse

Grand Haven Lighthouse

Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Summer Begins..................

Here we are at the ceremonial  beginning of yet another summer.  My second summer alone and in a new place.  I have my herb garden somewhat planted.  I want to ad more seeds next week.  We had some great BBQ Ribs made in the oven slow baked in a low degree oven for almost 4 hours.  With some easy peasy baked beans made from cans of port and beans with coleslaw and macaroni salad.  Mom made some sweet potatoes but not as good as the ones we had at thanksgiving.    After we drove over to the Frosty Korner for some ice cream.  All and all I nice start to the summer.

I am still working on loosing weight, I have the fence for the dog pen and I need the posts after next week then I can begin to make the dog pen.

This new place is cooler than the old place.  Granted the living room heats up but it doesn't have any windows that open up.  Just the screen on the front door and the ceiling fan running.  I need to figure out how to fix the small window in that room to open it up so that we can have some air circulation to help cool it.  The bedrooms are lots cooler with more windows and this place is only one floor so no upstairs to heat up and it has a huge maple tree on the west side of it to help shield it from the hot sun.

Lots more yard than we had before so daughter has more mowing to do and trimming than we use to.  I wish I could mow but my back wont let me for very long.  I hate the pain in my left knee and back on a continuous basis the arthritis med isnt working anymore I'm in pain all the time but I don't know what my insurance which is cheaper and covers less will allow me to have.  This med is free no copays if I order it through their mail order but I have to take ibuprofen constantly with it.

I know its been awhile since I posted cant seem to find much to post about.  Lots of people have a life me not so much.